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Stop Wrist And Forearm Pain

Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide – Out Now!

Which is the best ergonomic mouse to prevent hand pain? The Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide is coming soon (Update: it's out now). Which is the best ergonomic mouse? More importantly, which is the best ergonomic mouse for me? Those are the questions people have been asking...

Timbo On Tech Is Moving

Timbo On Tech is changing. Here's how it will affect you.   If you've been following Timbo On Tech for any length of time, I'm sure you'll have learnt I have a passion. My passion is to help people like you prevent (and in some cases, recover from) repetitive...

Take A Stand And Overcome RSI At Your Laptop

Can't live with your laptop, can't live without it? Here's how to avoid laptop RSI. I wrote 5 Reasons Why Laptops Are Bad For Your Health in a not-quite fit of rage a few weeks ago. I hate what they do to people's bodies and judging by some of the comments and...

Laptops Are Bad For Your Health: 5 Reasons Why

Laptops are bad for your health. In fact, laptops are really, really bad for your health. Here's why. Courtesy Death To Stock Laptops seem like a good option for people on the move, but the reality is that they are far from ideal. Ergonomically speaking, they are bad...

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