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5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC (RSI Challenge 2.0) – Coming Soon!

By Tim | Ergonomics

Sep 06

Want less pain at your PC? Daunted by the RSI Challenge? Try 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC FREE – coming soon!

5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC is a new FREE short email course to help you overcome the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and it’s coming soon.

5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC

If you want less pain at your PC, then this is for you!

I’ll show you how to update your workstation ergonomics with a few simple tweaks that will create a foundation for healthy working.
With healthy working, comes less pain, more comfort, and the ability to get more done.

Read on to find out more.

The Story Of Less Pain At Your PC

When I first started blogging, around 5 years ago, little did I know that I would eventually take up writing full time.
And little did I know that one of the main subjects of my writing would be ergonomics.

If you’ve spent any time with me already, you’ll know that I used to struggle with the effects of RSI, but overcame them. That made a huge difference to my life, and I now spend my days helping others to do the same.

Over a year ago, I set up the RSI Challenge. This was designed to help people get the best possible start in fixing their PC workstation setup. And yes, you guessed it, it was designed to do that in just 5 days.

But I realised it had some problems…

Some people signed up to the Challenge, and got stuck in:
They opened every email, avidly read every sentence, followed all the instructions and found relief.

But others signed up …and then nothing:
Little, or no, engagement. And very few emails opened – let alone read.
Without engagement, nothing changes. And if nothing changes, then that’s more people stuck with their pain.

Of course, the RSI Challenge still works: you can still get less pain at your PC from it.
If you want to see what it’s like and get some fixes in place immediately, you can still try that version here.

But I knew I could do better.
And the idea for 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC was born…

What’s wrong with the RSI Challenge?

At first, I was confused. Here was a golden opportunity for people to get relief from pain, and they were passing it up?

I set about trying to work out what was wrong. These are some of the conclusions I’ve come to.

1. The RSI Challenge was too complex

I’m a great believer in ConvertKit’s motto, “teach everything you know”. So my first attempts at the Challenge were to stuff all of my knowledge into all those 5 daily emails.
That made each email incredibly long!

But I should have known that long emails like that, don’t work for busy people.
Busy people, like you or me, need to avoid information overload and want emails to get to the point – fast!

2. The name was wrong

RSI Challenge would have been a great name, if the idea was to get people to climb a mountain.

But those suffering with RSI don’t want a challenge: it’s already challenging enough getting to work and trying to get through the day.
They want quick, easy answers, to deal with pain effectively and see real results straight away.

The RSI Challenge does in fact, do that, but I think the name could have been a bit misleading for some.

3. There wasn’t enough support

Making changes to your setup is one thing. Whether they work is another matter.

Who do you turn to when you’re not sure about the next move?
Or what happens if you make a change, but it doesn’t make any difference?

If any of those situations describes you, then I have good news!

Enter 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC

Here’s what I’ve done to make things better:

1. A simplified email course

Rather than trying to jam too much information in, I’ve shortened the emails drastically and updated each email to:

  • Reveal ONE quick ergonomic change, and
  • Give you ONE simple action to take.

That step will show you how to make the most important tweak for that part of your setup and it’ll take less than a minute.

2. A new name

I think 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC is a great name, much better than “RSI Challenge version 2.0” would have been.
(That said, if you’ve got a better idea, then please let me know in the comments below).

I hope that the new name will:

  • reduce barriers to entry
  • make things more transparent
  • give folk the psychological boost they need to get truly involved.

3. Provide support (and accountability)

One of the best ways to get support and encouragement, is to be with others who are going through the same thing.
When we see people just like us making breakthroughs, it helps us to push through too.

With that in mind, I’m setting up an exclusive private Facebook group, just for those taking part.

When you join 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC, you’ll get a personal invitation to the group.
Inside, you’ll be able to discuss any issues or questions you have, with like-minded individuals.
You’ll be able to let each other know how you’re getting on: what you’re still struggling with, and what improvements you’ve made so far.

I’ll also be on hand to answer some of those questions and provide further advice.
So I’ll see you on the inside!

To foster that kind of community, we all need to start together, so I’m going to limit registrations – find out more below.

Are You Ready For Less Pain At Your PC?

I’m really excited about 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC.
I think it will help even more people to defeat RSI pain – and more effectively, than before.

If you’d like to take part in 5 Days To Less Pain At Your PC, register your interest here.

I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available (hint: I’m planning on beginning the first run in the next week or two).
Best Regards,

P.S. Remember, initial registrations will be limited, so grab your spot now!


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I'm Tim Bader, founder of ErgonomicToolbox.com and the Ergonomic Toolbox training course. I am a writer, author, blogger and church leader, and I help people to overcome RSI and live comfortably with technology. When I'm not writing, helping or training people, I live at home with my wife, two teenage kids and Playstation.