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Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide – Out Now!

By Tim | Ergonomics

Jul 28

Which is the best ergonomic mouse to prevent hand pain? The Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide is coming soon (Update: it’s out now).

Which is the best ergonomic mouse?
More importantly, which is the best ergonomic mouse for me?

Those are the questions people have been asking me recently. And the Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide answers them all.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide helps you replace your standard mouse

Why You Need An Ergonomic Mouse

Did you know that computer mice are evil? I blogged about it before, but I’d like to re-emphasise the points here:

  1. We’re so used to using standard mice, we don’t realise the damage they do.
  2. The mouse was designed for computers, not people.
  3. It forces you to perform fine movements with muscles that were designed to do large movements.

Put those issues together in one place and you get pain in your hand, potentially radiating all the way up your arm and into your shoulders or back. Does that sound familiar?

I wouldn’t go back to a standard mouse if you paid me.

That’s exactly where I was just a few short years ago. Something had to be done.

I spent a long time working my way through different devices until I found my perfect combination for work and home.

Now I wouldn’t go back to a standard mouse if you paid me. And I know I’m not alone.

For that reason, I highly recommend that you replace your mouse with an ergonomic mouse (or other alternative device) as soon as possible.

But which one do you choose?

Why People Struggle To Find The Best Ergonomic Mouse

Many people struggle to find decent ergonomic mice (or another alternative device). Or more accurately, many people struggle to find the best ergonomic mouse for them.

That’s not for lack of trying, or because there aren’t any around. It’s because there are too many devices and too much information on all of them.

Reviews are thick on the ground (here’s an example) and nearly every alternative ergonomic device has its raving fans …and its detractors.

So how do you sift through all of that?

The key thing is this:

Each ergonomic mouse is designed to deal with a very specific problem

Over the years, I’ve analysed the reviews, the manufacturers’ websites and the questions I have received.

I believe the issue comes down to a mis-match between how the manufacturers advertise their wares vs the (sometimes sky-high) expectations of their audience.

The different brands tout the features of their device, but potential customers want to know if it will help the pain.

The problem is two fold:
1. Everyone is different and no two people have exactly the same RSI issues
2. Each ergonomic mouse is designed to deal with a very specific problem

Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide To The Rescue

That’s where the Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide comes in.

The Guide cuts through all the noise and gets you the results you want, fast:
Less pain in your hand (or shoulders/neck/back), while you work with your mouse.

In the Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide you will:

  • Discover the 4 different types of ergonomic mouse alternative
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type
  • Get recommendations so you can find the right ergonomic mouse for your specific issues

At last you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision on which device (or devices) will work for you.
Since I’ve done the research already (the hard way!), you’ll drastically cut short the time you might otherwise have had to spend experimenting to find the right one.

Better still, there’ll be some additional bonuses I’m sure you’ll love.

Don’t let your mouse get the better of you any more!

When Will The Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide Be Released?

The Best Ergonomic Mouse Guide is available immediately.

When you purchase your copy, you’ll also get two FREE bonuses!

Best regards,

P.S. Here’s the link.

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