November 3

GameBall Trackball Review In Full

Ergonomics, Video


Following up on last time's first impressions, I've had just over a month to work and play with the GameBall Trackball. And it's time for a full GameBall review.

Does the GameBall live up to expectations, and is it worth your money?

Find out inside the full GameBall Trackball review!

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:46 Buttons - Lots of them!
  • 01:39 Quick Start Guide
  • 02:52 Setup and First Use
  • 04:39 Functionality and Experience
  • 08:37 Ergonomics
  • 10:55 Price
  • 11:29 Conclusions, Pros and Cons
  • 12:15 Verdict

Want to watch on YouTube? You can find it here.

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Ergonomic, mice

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