January 29


RSI Video Training Series – Coming Soon!

By Tim


Coming Soon: Your Workdesk Makeover – learn about RSI and how to protect your body at your PC.

Your Workdesk Makeover is a brand new FREE video series to help you avoid the painful effects of RSI …and it’s almost ready to launch.

Thanks to everyone who answered the Timbo On Tech Reader Survey 2015/16. You told me, loud and clear, that for many people, RSI is still as big an issue now as it has ever been. (And don’t worry, I also heard your concerns about internet security and will be revisiting that subject later.)

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I used to suffer from RSI-like symptoms. I have never been formally diagnosed, but the link between working at a PC and the aches and pains I previously experienced was unmistakable.

These days, that’s all behind me and now I use my writing to help others who may have found themselves in the same boat. Last year, I successfully ran the Ergonomic Toolbox training course and I’m getting ready to re-launch it soon.

But there’s more…

Beat RSI With Your Workdesk Makeover

For the first time, I’ve tried my hand at creating some training videos on the subject of RSI. I’ve based them around the proven training available in the Ergonomic Toolbox, although due to time constraints, not in as much depth.

I’ve called the series, “Your Workdesk Makeover: Easy steps to a great pain-free day“.

I hope the title speaks for itself, but to be clear: If you’ve ever struggled with RSI, these videos will help you make simple but important ergonomic changes, so you can enjoy your day (and evening) once more.

In creating the videos, there’s been a steep learning curve all the way through from planning and recording, to editing and uploading. To my untrained eye, I think they’re not bad – for a beginner!

However, I’m getting excited because I’m sure they will make a huge difference to anyone who tunes in. The best thing is that they will be completely free to watch.

Sign up on the Ergonomic Toolbox welcome page (Timbo On Tech’s new sister website) to be informed when the first one becomes available. If you’re already a subscriber, don’t worry, I’ll let you know!

Update: it’s now up and running!

More About RSI

While you’re waiting for Your Workdesk Makeover, you may find the following posts helpful. These were my top 5 most visited articles in 2015 and have proved consistently popular ever since I first published them:

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When you sign up, you’ll also get a copy of the work desk setup cheat sheet too.
Here’s the link:
Let me know about the training course.

About the author

I'm Tim Bader, founder of ErgonomicToolbox.com and the Ergonomic Toolbox training course. I am a writer, author, blogger and church leader, and I help people to overcome RSI and live comfortably with technology.
When I'm not writing, helping or training people, I live at home with my wife, two teenage kids and Playstation.

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