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Pain while typing? You can type pain free. Here’s how.

A keyboard wrist rest could be the key you need to unlock a comfortable working day.

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How To Use Your Keyboard Wrist Rest: A quick and easy guide to prevent wrist and forearm pain while typing.

This PDF guide shows you how to get the most out of your wrist rest and avoid common mistakes that can make things worse.

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How To Use Your Keyboard Wrist Rest.

Disclaimer: My sincere hope is that this guide will help you to overcome or prevent pain and discomfort from typing at your work or home PC. However, poor positioning/use of a wrist rest while typing is only one of the causes of wrist, hand and forearm pain, so there may be other factors affecting your situation. I can make no guarantees that following the advice given here will cure, or indeed, have any impact on your specific problem. Always seek professional medical help.

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