Lastpass + Evernote = No Problem |

Lastpass + Evernote = No Problem

By Tim | Security

Mar 04

Lastpass To The Rescue Again!

A little while back, LinkedIn was “hacked” and many users were naturally very concerned.
I wrote an article at the time entitled LinkedIn + Lastpass = No Problem! explaining why I wasn’t worried about it.
This weekend, Evernote became the latest high profile victim of hacking.

Lastpass + Evernote = no problem
Once again, a large and popular service company has had to send out emails apologising to its users, and advising them to change their passwords.

To give Evernote their due, they have responded very quickly to the situation, and backed it up with new versions of their mobile applications making it easier to make the change.Lastpass + Evernote = no problem
And I’m still not worried.

Password Love

I simply logged into my Evernote account and followed the prompts to the password form.
I checked my details in Lastpass and saw that I had a decent pass phrase set up for Evernote.
It was certainly strong enough, but I had to assume that it had been compromised.
I clicked on the Lastpass menu and chose to “Generate a password”.
Lastpass showed me an 8 digit random password.
I added an additional digit to it for good measure by changing the number in the dialog and clicked Generate again.

Lastpass + Evernote = no problem
Now happy with my change, I clicked “Accept” and Lastpass filled out the Evernote password form for me and I saved it down.
Lastpass then detected that I had updated my Evernote password and asked if I would like to save it: one last click and the job was done.
At work this morning, I opened up Evernote and logged in with my new password as though nothing had ever happened.
I may change my password back to a pass phrase in the future so it is easier to remember.
Until then, I’m cool.
Are you using a password manager like Lastpass?
If not, then why not?


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