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Google Chrome Tops Internet Explorer – Or Does It?

By Tim | Software

May 25

According to a V3 article this week, the Google Chrome web browser has beaten Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (“IE”) browser to the top of the “World’s Most Popular Web Browser chart.

It’s not that this hasn’t happened before, the ‘tipping point’ this time is that Chrome held onto this position for over a week.

However, this is not a universal rule: Asia seems to be the main region where Chrome has ascendancy.
In Europe, Firefox holds onto a narrow lead, while in North America, Internet Explorer still rules.

You can check out this interactive Stat Counter page for further details!

But wait! Why am I telling you this?

Well, I’ve been using Chrome for some time now.

I got sick of the poor performance of IE, particularly when first starting up and I found Firefox unstable to use.

Chrome is blazing fast by comparison, and I like the tabbed browsing experience that it provides. (And if you don’t know what tabbed browsing is, then you really ought to ‘Google’ it!)

Ok, I know that the others caught up on tabbed browsing pretty quickly, but I don’t think they do it as well.

Does this spell the beginning of the end for IE?
Will this competition bring in a new era of super fast, high tech browsing?
Does anyone actually care?

So what do you think?

Have you made the switch?
Why not leave a comment by way of an answer, with your reasons for changing over?


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  • Tim Bader says:

    Yes, I have to admit I have had similar, but intermittent, problems with it over time.
    From what I can work out, this tends to be to do with the extensions I have installed, rather than the browser itself.
    I did a search on it and some people have had problems with the Adobe Flash plug-in that comes as part of Chrome.
    You might like to try disabling this or see if there is an update to the extension to see if it makes a difference.
    I did it for a while but then it stopped working again but I think that is one of the other ones I use for work (I don't get the same problem at home where I have no extras installed!)
    I hope that helps!

  • Joseph wills says:

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