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How To Reset “Furthest Page Read” On Kindle

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Jan 03

Summary: you can keep your reading position synchronised across all your Kindle connected devices, even when re-reading a book you have read before.



Mark My Words

If you have a Kindle device (and even if you don’t), you may have been curious about the ability for it to remember your place on multiple machines – an automatic electronic bookmark, if you will.

This works very well the first time you read through a book. I have started books on my Kindle, read little bits from my iPod, after syncing it over the wifi at home, and occasionally read some from my desktop PC, via a browser window.
Each time, my progress has transferred perfectly from one place to another and the only thing I had to do was make sure  my device was synced once more before opening the book up again.
Even when I have forgotten to sync manually, there have been several times when I have opened the book, only to be reminded that I had read a little bit further and would I like to go to the “furthest page read”? Well, yes I would, thank you very much! How kind of you.
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Read It Again, Sam

The problems start when I want to re-read a book that I have previously finished. I have a couple of books which I like so much that I want to read them again …and again. And in this situation, it seems like the system suddenly falls apart – at least, that is how it appears at first.
Once or twice I’ve been offered to “move to the furthest read location”, only to find  myself at the very end of the book and then struggled to get back to where I was before.
Looking on the Kindle itself, there is nothing in the menus that allows you to set it back to the start (as though you have downloaded it for the first time).


Mr Fix It

However, there is a fix for this and you can find it on the Amazon website. Hopefully, Amazon will see fit to include this option directly on the Kindle device by upgrading the software at some point in the future.
in the meantime, you can reset your progress, by following these simple steps:


  1. Sign in and go to “your account” on Amazon and find the “manage your Kindle” area.
  2. Find the book within your list in the Kindle library.
  3. On the right hand side you will see a button next to the book, labelled “action”.
  4. Hover over the action button and you will see some options. Select “clear furthest page read…” (see screenshot below).
  5. Next go to the place where you most recently read from that book (most often, this will be on the Kindle device itself). Open the book, check you are in the right place, and then synchronise.
  6. That’s it! Try opening the same book from somewhere else, such as your web browser, and it should open in the same place.
Clear furthest page read
Now you can enjoy your book – again!
Question: Did this work work for you or do you have an alternative method?

Let us know in the comments.


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