September 1


Important: Newsletters Going Missing

By Tim


Emails ending up in Spam? Add me to your contact list, so you can continue to receive updates!

Email Newsletter Problems

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my writing, by subscribing to my email newsletter on Timbo On Tech. In particular, I want to welcome new arrivals, following the recent RSI survey.

It has come to my attention that some emails sent over the bank holiday weekend have gone missing and ended up in the spam folder for several people. I think it’s most likely to happen in GMail – thanks also to those who told me!

This appears to be happening because of Google’s automated bots getting over-sensitive to my announcements about the Ergonomic Toolbox training course. In one case, Google even highlighted an email as potentially phishing (trying to steal information).

To be crystal clear: this is a problem with Google’s automatic filters, not the emails themselves. I would like to reassure you that all emails sent from my account are legitimate (including all links, which I have triple checked, just in case) and I apologise for any alarm that may have been caused.

What To Do Next

In order to keep receiving emails correctly, please do the following:

1. Add me to your address book/contact list
2. Check your Spam folder
3. Select each email you find that’s from me and click the “Not Spam” button in your email program

This will train GMail to get it right, next time.

Thank you for your patience. Normal service will be resumed, shortly.

Best regards,

Question: Did your newsletters fall victim to the spam bots?

About the author

I'm Tim Bader, founder of and the Ergonomic Toolbox training course. I am a writer, author, blogger and church leader, and I help people to overcome RSI and live comfortably with technology.
When I'm not writing, helping or training people, I live at home with my wife, two teenage kids and Playstation.

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