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Squidoo Stories: I’m The Video Game Rockstar!

By Tim | Uncategorized

Jan 24

Update: sadly, Squidoo was eventually shut down. You can still find my work on HubPages. I’m still a video games rockstar, but only on my Playstation! Text of the original article continues below.

Summary: Squidoo has invited some of their members to be Contributors in a number of niche areas – and I’m one of them!

We Blog

In a previous article, I discussed the merits of writing on Squidoo, versus your own blog and came to the conclusion that it is worth doing both.
Well, now I have even more reason to continue with that policy.

One of the problems of writing a blog is that you are pretty much on your own.

You write articles about the things which interest you and hope that readers will come and well, read what you’ve written.
If you’ve written something really interesting then your readers may even participate by leaving a comment.
This is great, because all of a sudden, what started as a monologue becomes a conversation.
However, it does take time and a lot of effort to get to that point and there is no-one there to tell you if you are doing it right or not.

Squidoo You?

Squidoo is different because it is a website created by writers for the community of writers and since it has been around for a while, it already attracts a large audience.
I have been writing on Squidoo for just over a year and am at the stage where I am earning a few dollars here and there.
In that short time, I have become a “Giant Squid” – a trusted member of the Squidoo community – and have over 35 articles to my name.

More importantly, I have made friends with a number of other writers from all sorts of backgrounds who I can ask to critique my work, discuss the latest Squidoo developments with, and so on.
I have been able to take the lessons I have learned and apply them back to my blog and other writing.
In short, I’m loving being on Squidoo and would recommend it to anyone.

Super Niche

See my reviews on Squidoo…

But wait – there’s more!
Squidoo HQ (the team that run the site) recently announced a new program where Giant Squids can become contributors to a specific niche areas.

The idea is that the Contributors will become leaders in the Squidoo community within their niche area.
They will build up and promote their niche with articles and reviews and create opportunities and challenges for others to join in too.

There are all kinds of niches, everything from Country music and knitting to “Spot on UK”.
And I’m now the “Video Game Rockstar” contributor!

I’m planning on covering as many aspects of games and gaming as I can over the coming weeks and months.
I’m an Xbox 360 man myself, but will endeavour to give fair coverage to all platforms, from Playstation to PC to Steam box.

If you are at all interested in video games, then check out my page “I’m The Video Games Rockstar Contributor”
If you would like to write a review, then why not join Squidoo here and then try out penning an answer to my challenge Review Cut Price Video Games?

Have you written an article on Squidoo yet?
Do you want to join the Video Games community on Squidoo?
Then let me know by leaving a comment below.
Update: now it’s even easier to take part in the Squidoo community – just click “Join Me” in the image to the right!

Photo credit: all photos mine and you can see them over on my Video Game Rockstar page too!


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