Star Trek Into Darkness Released Today!

Yes, that’s right, Star Trek Into Darkness is out today (2nd September 2013) in the UK, on Blu-ray and DVD.
My copy is already winging its way towards me because I pre-ordered it with some Birthday money, yay!
Sorry US folks, you have to wait a little while longer, until September 10th for your copy – but you can still pre-order it!

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu Ray
This is a prime example of what I blogged about recently with regard to The Hobbit and the timing of DVD release dates.
Star Trek was in cinemas from May this year and we are now (just!) into September.
That’s barely 4 months from cinema to disk!

In a similar vein, Tony Stark‘s latest outing, Iron Man 3 appeared in cinemas in April and is also due for disk release on September 9th, just days after Stark Trek (see what I did there?).

This seems to confirm my speculations about the pressure online sales are posing to the Blu-ray and DVD market.
You can read those speculations here.
Update: You can now read my Into Darkness movie review on HubPages.

  • Or you can simply shrug your shoulders and go and buy the movies right here:

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